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Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

contoh biografi



Nindyaruspitadewy Anggraini, born on 03 February 1995 in Tulungagung. When she was child, she was school at Baabussalam kindergarten. At 2001, she continued her
school at Muhammadiyah 2 elementary school, Sepanjang, Taman for 6 years. And at 2007 she was school at 1 Taman junior high school for 3 years. And now, she school at Mansda.

When she junior high school, she won religion contest at Sidoarjo Regency. Her parents are very proud of her.

And she lives with her parents and her sister at Griya Bhayangkara F5-18. Her sister name’s Ignetia Puspita Ayu. Now, Igne school at Geluran 1 elementary school. She’s garde 1.

Her hobby is reading. She likes read teenlit novels. She wants become a doctor and so that her aim reaches she really study hard.

Her favourite animal’s rabbit. Because rabbit is funny animal. Rabbit has smooth fur. And the fur is very beautiful.


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