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Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

Breakfast or Dinner ?


Breakfast or Dinner ?

          It was Sunday. I never get up early on Sundays. I always stay in bed until lunc time because Monday until Saturday are tiring day for me. Last Sunday I got up very late because before sleep, I was watching television until almost
          And when I got up, I looked out of the window. It was the dark outside. ‘what a day!’ I thought. And my alarm clock was died and I thought it was raining again. Because it is rain season. I was still sleepy. So, I decided to sleep again. But suddenly, the telephone rang. It was my mother. I thought why my mother was telephone me.
     ‘I am in your uncle house.’ She said.
‘okay, where do you lay my breakfast?’ I asked.
‘Your breakfast?’ My Mother asked.
‘Yes, mom. Where?’ I repeated.
‘Ehm! are you thinking still in the morning now?’ She was scared.
‘Sure! This is in the morning now. And I am hungry now, where is my breakfast, mom?’ I was confused.
‘Oh my god my dear! It is in the evening now.’ My mother explained.
‘Oh! I am sleeping very long. What time is it, mom?’ I asked.
‘It is seven p.m. Now, you are taking a bath and eating. I am laying your dinner on the table.’
‘You always get up very late on Sunday. I am not scared about it.’ She said.
‘Hahaha. Oh My Mom! I am going to do now.’ I said.
‘Okay. I will go to home at 9 p.m.’
          After that, I was scared. I thought,  How could I get up very late? I was laughing my self.

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